Construction of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate

Who Built The Berlin Wall? – Mythbusting Berlin

One of the most common questions I have encountered from people curious about Berlin, and often so cryptically phrased. Who built the Berlin Wall? A simple five-word query, yet one that can be read one of two ways. More than thirty years since the ‘Fall of the Wall’, the story of its construction continues to baffle many who are mainly familiar with its existence through knowledge of its importance…

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Inside the German parliament after the Reichstag fire

Who Was Really Responsible For The Reichstag Fire? – Mythbusting Berlin

Various theories have been posited as to who actually set fire to the German parliament in 1933. Was it the opening act in an attempted Communist coup or a calculated false flag operation carried out by elements of the Nazi Party, design to create the conditions necessary for introducing single-party rule? And what part did the young man from Holland, arrested shirtless inside the building the night of the fire, play in this event?

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Nazi bicycle infantry

Did The Nazis Invent The Bicycle Reflector? – Mythbusting Berlin

The fruits of wartime ingenuity are plenty – so many, in-fact, that it has become somewhat of a worn cliche that as the guns start firing the innovators get to work, often solving problems while providing more problems for the enemy to overcome.The kind of progress that results in the production of newer improved, more lethal weapons, such as to increase the chances of victory.

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Explore Berlin in 101 Objects

Explore Berlin In 101 Objects – The 2020 Edition

To explore Berlin today is to immerse yourself in a cityscape still very much defined by the tumultuous events of its not so distant past. When discussing exploration, it is not uncommon to hear the terms ‘sights’ and ‘sites’ used interchangeably. As if to suggest that to experience a city is to exclusively moor your experience to grand landmarks – palaces, churches, museums, monuments, and memorials.

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