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"Our Berlin Highlights tour covers the milestones of Berlin's complex history..."

Certainly, it was far from evident from its humble beginnings – as a minor fishing village settled in an unforgiving backwater – that Berlin was destined for the world stage

The catastrophic events of the 20th century that have come to be so closely associated with the present day German capital seem unbelievably distant from its time as part of the remote ‘Sandbox of the Holy Roman Empire’.

Berlin Highlights Private Tour - View From The Siegessaulle
Berlin Highlights Tour - View Of The TV Tower And the Berliner Dom

"...1,000 years of history in a day..."

To remove Berlin from the European story would leave many questions unanswerable; eras have begun and ended here; events served as catalysts to the great turning points in history. 

Germany’s doomed involvement in World War One; the city’s status as the nerve centre of Hitler’s ‘Third Reich’; Berlin carved up and occupied on the frontline of the Cold War conflict; the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall; the reunification of Germany with Berlin as the country’s capital.

To walk the streets of this city is to be confronted with major history at every turn.

Berlin Highlights
Tour Description

Berlin Private Guide - Berlin Highlights - Brandenburg Gate | Berlin Experiences

The perfect introduction to Berlin for first time visitors or anyone looking to find their feet in the city. This tour offers you a nuanced overview, featuring all the places that epitomise the milestones of the city’s complex history.

We’ll show you what there is to see, and also open your eyes to what lies beneath the surface: the faint traces, the stories, and the voices that warrant no memorials, but tell you just as much about life in Berlin across the ages.

Join us on this trip from Berlin’s beginnings in the swamplands of Brandenburg, through Prussian imperialism and the raucous years of the Weimar Republic, to the Second World War, the Cold War, the ecstasy of reunification, to the vibrant capital that is today’s Berlin.

If you’re short on time and looking to make the most of it, our Berlin Highlights tour covers almost 1,000 years of the city’s history in the space of a day – all the sights, the sounds and the stories.

The length of this tour means that a short snack/coffee break (not included in the tour price) can easily be integrated into the route – or, if requested, a longer meal break.

Berlin Highlights
Tour Sites

Berlin Private Guide - Berlin Highlights - Lustgarten | Berlin Experiences

– the central East German square of Alexanderplatz
– the iconic Television Tower (Fernsehturm)
– the former Prussian Royal Quarter and site of the reconstructed City Palace (Stadtschloss)
– the idyllic Lustgarten – former kitchen garden for the City Palace turned Nazi parade ground
the UNESCO World Heritage listed Museums Island
– the Italian Renaissance styled Berliner Dom
– Unter den Linden – the former Prussian royal boulevard
– Humboldt University – home to 29 Noble Prize winners
The Forum Fridericianum and Bebelplatz/the ‘Nazi Book Burning Square’
– the former French Huguenot Quarter and beautiful churches and Konzerthaus on Gendarmenmarkt
– the former Cold War US military crossing of Checkpoint Charlie
– Wilhelmplatz – with the former Prussian/Nazi government quarter
– a number of remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall
the former SS/Gestapo Headquarters (Topography of Terror) 
– the former Nazi Airforce Ministry
the site of Hitler’s Führerbunker
the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
– the Brandenburg Gate
– the Pariserplatz square with the American, French, British and Russian embassies
– the current German government quarter
the Reichstag parliament building


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