Berlin Experiences - Architecture - KonzerthausThe famous modernist theorist Adolf Loos said architecture is about monuments and graves. If only it were so simple to sum up Berlin's contribution to the field. The German capital's ragged cityscape offers up a diverse array of architectural styles - serving varied purposes. Bunkers, space-age Soviet brutalist constructions extending out to the concrete forests of prefab Plattenbau surrounding the Eastern part of the city. Today’s glass-and-steel designs nestle next to century-old gothic churches, 19th-century industrial revolution era housing blocks, National Socialist Herrschaftsarchitektur and neo-classical masterpieces - all of which a consequence of centuries of growth, turmoil, destruction and reconstruction.

The story of Berlin is evident in its architectural styles; a landscape that has benefitted from the country's political and social instability. Whether it be the sturdy working-class tenements of the Industrial Age or the boastful modernist structures erected in the West to compete with the utilitarian planned economy structures of the East.

Following German reunification and nourished by the subsequent flow of investments into the capital, Berlin has also championed the cause of contemporary STARarchitecture - that of David Chipperfield, Daniel Libeskind, Norman Foster, and Renzo Piano.

The German capital should be high on the list of places to visit for anyone concerned with this field of study.

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