Berlin Experiences - Art - Berlinische GalerieBerlin has served as the muse to untold number of artistic endeavours. Its tenements providing sanctuary, its many venues and cinemas host to innovative performances, its bare walls the canvas for protest & expression. The interplay of city, individual & artist means that art here is invariably political; as politics in Berlin is unquestionable an artform. Whether it be slogans painted on the Berlin Wall or the so-called degeneracy of art the traditionalist Nazis would position themselves against. The transaction of ideas continues to mould the city; as the medium becomes the message; and sometimes the message grows beyond the medium.

Take the historic centre of the city, where the direct transformative effect of artwork left its mark on the imperial style city planning of Berlin’s Mitte district in a unique way. When visiting the Royal Art Exhibition in 1810, a young artist by the name of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, looked longingly at the work of German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, concluding he would never be able to attain such greatness he instead resolved to become an architect. His iconic monuments - the Altes Museum, the Neue Wache, the Konzerthaus - were constructed in what can be considered the classical architectural style of Imperial Prussia.

Officially recognised as a UNESCO City of Design in 2006 - Berlin stands alongside Paris, London and Milan as a creative hotspot.

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