Berlin Experiences - Berlin Highlights - Altes Museum FacadeCertainly, it was far from evident from its humble beginnings - as a minor fishing village settled in an unforgiving backwater - that Berlin was destined for the world stage. The catastrophic events of the 20th century that have come to be so closely associated with the present day German capital seem unbelievably distant from its time as the remote 'Sandbox of the Holy Roman Empire'.

To remove Berlin from the European story would leave many questions unanswerable; eras have begun and ended here; events served as catalysts to the great turning points in history. Germany's doomed involvement in World War One; the city's status as the nerve centre of Hitler's Third Reich; Berlin carved up and occupied on the frontline of the Cold War conflict; the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall; the reunification of Germany with Berlin as the country's capital.

To walk the streets of this city is to be confronted with major history at every turn.

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