Berlin Experiences - Cold War - Marx and EngelsBerlin's pivotal role on the frontline of the ideological conflict played out between East and West during the Cold War period is undeniable. There is no greater symbol of the absurdity of the era - and the atmosphere of paranoia, secrecy & fear that permeated the city for much of the 20th century - than that of the Berlin Wall. Still scattered across the cityscape in minor pieces.

Carved into two competing zones, Berlin became a truly stage managed city - with each side seeking to prove the supremacy of their system. The glamourous individualistic excesses of West Berlin standing in contrast to the planned economy utopianism of the East. The city grew to become the playground for numerous international intelligence agencies vying for control - Berliners struggled alongside various plotting acronyms and government actors - the CIA, MI6, the KGB, the STASI and the BND.

While what normality that existed was played out in the looming shadow of The Bomb.

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