Explore Berlin & Brandenburg - on and off the asphalt track

With its wide boulevards and sense of open space; Berlin is rarely a city that feels suffocating - the population here is relatively small (for a city this size) and the public transportation network offers wide coverage. Making the city extremely accessible. Bicycle riding in Berlin is simply a matter of choice rather than necessity; and with the wealth of bicycle paths - even on the narrowest pavements - a marvellous way of exploring the city and beyond.

Whether that means covering the major historic sights in the city - or weaving together a thematic discovery of some of the important episodes in the city's past - bicycle tours in Berlin are a great of covering ground in an efficient and rewarding way. We offer all of our Classic tours as bicycle tours (get in touch!) and also offer specialty tours exploring the Berlin Mauerweg - passing remants of the Wall, guard towers, and memorials for the many victims of Germany's tragic separation.

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