Berlin Experiences - History -Neptune FountainUndoubtedly, it would be impossible to extricate the history of Berlin from the crimson events of the 20th century known as World War One and World War Two. With the catastrophic German war effort in both instances directed from this city.

As the capital of one of the European continent's lost empires - Prussia - Berlin found itself struggling to settle on an identity between the imperialist ambitions, military-first outlook and celebrated enlightenment era values of the Hohenzollern ruling family.

However, the city was long defined by an event that never happened; that the Roman Empire did not extend this far east - for reasons of terrain and the ferocious opposition of the tribes in the region.

Compared to other European capitals, Berlin is a relatively new city - only dating back to the 1200s as a minor settlement that grew around a largely insignificant bend in the river Spree. Unlike say London, which is more than 1,000 years older as a Roman settlement, or the classical cities of Rome and Athens - Berlin's history is much more recent.

Perhaps then not too improper to assume, also more relevant to Europe's present day condition.

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