Berlin Experiences - Jewish Berlin - Stolpersteine CohnWere the Nazi goal of the total eradication of European Jewry realised, the varied and intricate life experiences of Berlin's most notable minority would have perished too. Replaced, instead, with a crudely simplistic narrative affirming the merciless butchering of a pest. That the many identities of Berlin's Jewish community have come to be commonly viewed through the lens of the genocidal actions of Hitler's regime is a tragedy.

Once home to the father of the Jewish enlightenment, Moses Mendelsohn, and the world's first female Rabbi - Berlin played a central role in the birth of modern reformed Judaism. From the influx of Viennese Jews in the 1700s to the arrival of thousands of Jewish immigrants from Soviet states in the 1970s and 90s, and more recent return of thousands of Israeli Jews; no single voice can be said to speak for the profusion of different denominations (Chabad, Masorti, Liberal, and Orthodox) and Jewish experiences in the city.

This is the story of the trials of identity and the struggle against being defined as 'the other'.

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