Berlin Experiences - Memorials - Holocaust MemorialRepresentative of the seismic shift from triumphalist celebration to sombre commemoration that took place in greater German society in the cauldron of the 20th century - the number of memorials in the German capital now stands in direct contrast to the number of monuments.

Uniquely, and unlike any other capital city, Berlin has seen its historic centre transformed by the addition of memorials to the victims of crimes carried out in the name of the same country that now stands guard over these physical reminders.

To understand this metamorphosis look not to the famous Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe but the equally austere Memorial for the Victims of War & Tyranny - housed in the former guard house for the ruling Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty.

The heart of a kingdom renowned for its strict adherence to military doctrine, obedience and soldierly duty now reinterpreted to channel the sorrow of a nation grieving not merely for its own suffering but the weight of the world.

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