Berlin Experiences - Monuments - Communist MemorialContested as a prize possession of numerous regimes throughout its history, Berlin's remarkable story could easily be communicated through the assorted monuments lining the city's streets and squares - but also in the notable absence of others.

There is no shortage of Prussian monarchs, generals and politicians. Missing though is any iconic celebration of the 12 years of Hitler's rule; the statues of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin have long since been removed (although his moustache and ear remain hidden in a popular cafe); certainly there is no rush to erect tributes to current German politicians.

The matter of what is too controversial to remain in the German capital is an ongoing discussion - three huge monuments commemorating fallen Soviet soldiers remain; busts of Communist thinker Karl Marx; the Prussian eagle still flies high; the national monument to the wars of unification (the Siegesaulle) stands tall - but nowhere to be found is the disgraced last monarch of the House of Hohenzollern, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

As history is written and revised; so are the markers of its progress constructed, transformed & destroyed.

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