Berlin Experiences - Museums - Jewish MuseumBerlin stands, like many great cities, as an immense open-air museum. Its streets and plazas serving as the galleries, and its assorted historic buildings, memorials, monuments, statues and works of public art acting as the exhibitions. To stroll the city is to be immersed in a living, breathing, treasury of the senses. This movement naturally extends into the many museums, in the true literal sense, to be found scattered across the German capital.

The mantra, often repeated by the Berlin Tourism Authority, that the city has more museums than there are rainy days in the year, is a matter of historical record. Along with having more bridges than Venice; and reportedly more Döner Kebab shops than Istanbul. There is no shortage of world-class cultural institutions in the German capital - over 170 of them in fact. From the antiquities and art of the Museums Island ensemble in the heart of Mitte to the modern art collection of the Hamburger Bahnhof, not to forget the Sugar Museum (yes!) and even a Museum of Lipstick. Naturally given the historical weight and significance of the city there are plenty of places dedicated to promoting further understanding of troublesome aspects of the German story - the Stasi Museum, the German Resistance Museum, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum etc.

With such scale of options available, it is important not to miss the underlying principle of the displays (whether public or privately funded) - the matters of editing, refining, inclusion and exclusion.

We endeavour to integrate museum entrances into our tour itineraries (certainly where requested) to include not only the stories we tell about the city; but also those the city tells about itself.

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