Berlin Experiences - Photography - EberswalderstrassePhotography in Germany is a legal minefield. Even for the most seasoned professional, it may come as some surprise the special care necessary when wielding a camera in public. For instance, did you know that under paragraph 22 of the German Copyright Law dissemination of images of a person without their consent is considered illegal - and can result in a lengthy court battle concluded with a hefty fine. That includes posting photos on social media or simply sharing them elsewhere online. This particular peculiarity dates back to a law passed following the death of Otto von Bismarck in 1898 - and a clandestine photo published of the 'Iron Chancellor' slumped in his deathbed.

Restrictions on flash photography when visiting a museum or institution are universal - Berlin is no different. However, it is also commonplace that most institutions, while allowing photography, will charge you for the privilege.

Drone enthusiasts should be prepared for a tough time; following the recent addition of new legislation banning drones over crowds, buildings, private property, and generally anywhere. There are a number of notable no-fly areas, where droning can lead to a considerable fine - beyond the consideration of not flying near the city airports, there is also an exclusion zone around the Reichstag and government quarter that extends across the entire historic centre, and in the Wannsee district due to a nuclear research facility. Drone weight restrictions also mean that an official flying license is required above a certain size.

If in doubt, consider our expert guides are on hand to smooth out any problems with your adventures through the lens.

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