Berlin Experiences - Unique Experiences - Christmas MarketCondemned “to be continually becoming and never to be” - the words of art critic Karl Scheffler, published in his 1910 work Berlin – ein Stadtschicksal (Berlin – Destiny of a City). Certainly, Berlin is condemned to be eternally branded with Scheffler's truism, frequently trotted out in guidebooks and newspapers by flagging writers alongside other exhausted clichés and platitudes.

No city is a finished work. Every city is an eternally unfinished canvas at the mercy of its many painters. However, Berlin is in a state of flux that you’ll not likely to find anywhere else. It’s much like Franka Potente in the starring role of the 1996 international hit movie Run Lola Run - a character stuck in a neverending scenario of overwhelming possibilities.

Contrary to Scheffler's words, Berlin is a city where many seem to be happy simply being. Perhaps because it’s a place where, no matter who you are, you’ll always find your niche.

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