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Home to the opulent summer residences of the Prussian kings & German emperors, Potsdam is flush with regal splendour and tranquil sculpted parks and gardens.

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Berlin Experiences - Potsdam Private Tour With Van - Sansoucci

A city of kings and emperors, Potsdam housed Prussia’s royal House of Hohenzollern (lit: ‘High-Taxer’) family on the edge of Berlin until the fall of imperialism in 1918.

Although Potsdam did not make it out of the Second World War unscathed, it retains much of its old world splendour – visible in its luscious lakeside parks, castles, and its charming historical centre.

Berlin Experiences - Potsdam Private Tour With Van - Babelsberg

Come and join us for a day out in this beautiful city, boasting architectural wonders of Baroque, Rococco & Neo-Classical style. European in the truest sense of the word.

Best experienced during the warmer months – from May until November.

Berlin Experiences - Potsdam Private Tour With Van - Ceclienhof

(All of our private tours are custom tailored to our clients needs and wishes and can include Berlin & Potsdam sights decided in advance or spontaneously organised on the day of the tour. If you have any specific requests for your tour, regarding sights and content, do not hesitate to ask – you can email us at

What you can expect to experience on this tour:

Berlin Experiences - Potsdam Private Tour With Van - Marble Palace

Example itinerary:

Our six-hour Potsdam private tour starts in Berlin, from your accommodation or a centrally located landmark, before heading south-west through the Grünewald forest to explore the city famous for its former summer residences of the Prussian kings and German Emperors.

This 45 minute drive from Berlin, in the comfort of your own private vehicle with driver and guide, will take you past the infamous Grünewald train station, used by the Nazis during the 1940s to deport Jews to their fates in the occupied Eastern territories, and along a famous section of the AVUS speedway towards the Cold War Checkpoint Bravo crossing point. Veering into the borough of Stegliz/Zehlendorf you will continue past the Wannsee lake resort – entering Potsdam across the so-called ‘Bridge of Spies’ – the Glienicke Brucke – with a memorable view of the distant Babelsberg Palace.

Often referred to as Berlin’s equivalent of Versailles, Potsdam has a collection of impressive palaces and gardens – mostly originating in the 18th and 19th centuries. After driving past the Old Town and Potsdam’s Brandenburg Gate, the first stop of the tour at the Sanssouci Palace, the most renowned of the former royal dwellings, will allow you to visit the burial ground of Frederick the Great – the first King of Prussia – and admire the panoramic vista of the terraced vineyard in front of Sanssouci and the Rococo-style palace exterior. The nearby Bildergalerie, with its world-class collection of Flemish & Dutch Baroque art and Italian Renaissance masterpieces, is a worthy addition to this part of the tour (entrance not included in tour price – can be arranged on the day, on request).

Weather-permitting, your tour will continue on foot through the park to the Orangerie Palace (constructed in the 1800s as an opulent greenhouse for storing the many citrus fruit plants in the area during the winter period) to the Chinese Tea House – an 18th century garden pavilion in Rococo/Chinoiserie style – and the impressive New Palace on the west side of the Sanssouci park. Built by Frederick the Great following his success in the Seven Years War, the New Palace is often considered the last great Baroque Prussian palace – and was the preferred summer residence of the last German Emperor, William II.

After a break for lunch (not included in the tour price) you will continue through the Old Town and the Dutch Quarter to the New Gardens and the last palace constructed by the Prussian Hohenzollern royal familySchloss Cecilienhof. Famous as the site of the 1945 Potsdam Conference – attended by Truman, Stalin and Churchill – the palace has been preserved in state – with the main meeting hall still open for access – complete with the flags of the three victorious Allied nations.

Your tour of Potsdam complete you will then return to Berlin with your guide and driver to be dropped off at your accommodation or another location in the city (on request).

Special Tour Inclusions:

As this tour includes private transportation, it is possible that the following sites could also be included in the itinerary (on request and time permitting):

  • Entrance to Schloss Sanssouci (audio tour or guided tour)
  • Entrance to the Bildergalerie
  • Entrance to the New Palace
  • Entrance to the Haus der Wannsee Konferenz
  • Entrance to Schloss Cecilienhof
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Six-hour Potsdam private tour accompanied by one of our expert local guides (English language)
  • Dedicated driver and transportation (premium quality German vehicle) including fuel costs & parking fees
  • Collection from hotel/accommodation or tour start from central landmark (such as TV Tower/Brandenburg Gate)
  • Hotel/accommodation drop-off at end of tour
  • Includes time for coffee/snack break (not included in price)
  • Includes time for photo breaks
  • Price includes VAT (19%)
  • Price includes Booking Fee
  • Price includes Mandatory German Tour Insurance
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • This tour does not include Palace entrance fees (can be arranged seperately on day of tour)
  • This tour does not include food/drink (unless requested)
  • Guide/driver gratuities
Our private tours can start anywhere in the cityCollection from your hotel/accomodation or central landmark

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We guarantee high quality German vehicles and driversSuch as Mercedes Benz Vito/Volkswagen Carawelle vans

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Our shorter tours (up to three & four hours) include time for a short coffee/snack break – our longer tours (5 hours and above) include time for a longer lunch break and also short coffee/snack break.

Some of our tours include public transportation tickets for up to five people in the total price, please check the tour descriptions on the tour pages for more information. If public transportation costs are not included in our tours descriptions but you would prefer to use transportation for the tour, we would be happy to arrange the particulars. Our car/van tours are all conducted with fully air-conditioned high-quality cars/vans (usually Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen).

Berlin is a relatively flat city and the streets are easy to navigate. Despite being the German capital, Berlin is also not nearly as busy as other cities of a similar calibre. All this means that touring can be relatively stress-free. We strive to make Berlin accessible to everyone, all we ask you to bring is a healthy curiosity. If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask.

Of course this depends on the time of the year – a hat and gloves in the winter, sunglasses in the summer. Please do check the weather before your trip, summers in Berlin can be rather hot (suntan lotion is a must) and the winters can be cold (don’t forget a coat). We always try to make sure our guests stay hydrated on tours, whether that’s coffee or tea, but a bottle of water is always a worthy travel companion.

We cater for guests of all ages and can tailor all our tours accordingly.

That depends on what sort of animal we are talking about. Dogs seem to love the fresh air and walking. Cats have a habit of wandering off on their own. Some of our guides are deathly afraid of snakes.

Our guides and drivers will always work hard for you and tipping is a great way of them receiving immediate feedback. Gratuities are completely discretionary but always gratefully received.

All of our guides are Berlin residents and have lived in the city for years, they are all well versed in letting their stomach lead the way to some of the best spots in the city. When touring in Berlin, feel free to quiz our guides about everything. If you need advice on where to stay or things to see/do before or after your tours please do send us an email. We are more than happy to help

They certainly are; although Berlin winters can be cold and we certainly recommend wrapping up. And don’t forget the sun lotion in the summer!