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Warnemünde-Rostock: Sachsenhausen Berlin – Private Shore Excursion

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Our private shore excursion combining a Berlin Highlights tour with a visit to the Sachsenhausen Memorial Camp – the former nucleus of the Nazi concentration camp system.


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  • Tour Length Twelve Hours
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Most people, when asked about Nazi camps, would point East – to the extermination camps that gained notoriety through the Holocaust: to Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek etc. The truth is, however, these camps came relatively late in the history of the Third Reich. Their predecessors, the concentration camps, such as Sachsenhausen, were constructed within Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Devised as a so-called ‘protective custody camp’ to house political prisoners, Sachsenhausen grew to become an SS training centre, a prison to many notable figures, and the site of numerous bizarre developments in Nazi research and military strategy.

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Constructed by the Nazis, inherited by the Soviet forces, and eventually opened as a memorial by the East German government; Sachsenhausen is a startling example of how different regimes chose to use the same land for purposes of punishment and propaganda.

Tour times are adjusted to best fit with your ship’s arrival and departure, making sure you get away from the port early and arrive back with adequate time remaining before you sail to the next port of call.

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(All of our private tours are custom tailored to our clients’ needs and wishes and can include Berlin sights decided in advance or spontaneously organised on the day of the tour. If you have any specific requests for your tour, regarding sights and content, do not hesitate to ask – you can email us at

What you can expect to experience on this tour:

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Example itinerary:

Our full day combined Berlin/Sachsenhausen private shore excursion starts from the Rostock/Warnemünde cruise ship terminal and covers the highlights in the German capital while also allowing time to visit one of the most significant locations in Third Reich history.

After being met at the port terminal by one of our expert drivers, you’ll be whisked through the northeastern agricultural flatlands of Germany in the comfort of one of our chauffeur driven vehicles – all quality German cars and vans. Unlike the slower public excursions organised by the official companies, this cuts your transportation time down significantly, allowing for more exploration in the capital – especially if your ship is only docked for a short space of time.

Before reaching Berlin, you will detour to meet your guide at the Sachsenhausen Memorial Camp in the sleepy village of Oranienburg, to be introduced to the former nucleus of the Nazi Concentration Camp system. Walking through the infamous gates of the camp – adorned with the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” – you’ll explore the history of a facility devised as a so-called ‘protective custody camp’ to house political prisoners that grew into an SS training centre, a prison to many notable figures, and the site of numerous bizarre developments in Nazi research and military strategy.

Continuing to Berlin, a mere 30 minute drive south from the camp memorial, you’ll have time for a scheduled lunch break at a location of your choice (we can make restaurant arrangements alongside your booking – whether it is a traditional beer garden or restaurant for hearty German food, or something quick for the road, maybe a picnic in the central park?) before exploring the major, and many of the minor, sights in the city.

From the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag parliament building, extending into the former Prussian Royal Quarter and south to the old Checkpoint Charlie border crossing from the Cold War. The many pieces of the Berlin Wall still scattered across the city, the so-called Nazi Book Burning Square and the former Nazi government quarter (including the site of Hitler’s Führerbunker) can all be included in this section of the tour.

As this tour includes a visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial, we can tailor the Berlin portion of the excursion to focus on the Third Reich aspects of the city – or perhaps dip into the former Jewish Quarter, for more perspective – time-permitting and on request.

At the end of the Berlin portion of your tour, you will say goodbye to your guide and be driven back to the Rostock/Warnemünde port terminal with adequate time remaining to board your ship before its departure.

Special Tour Inclusions:

As this tour includes private transportation, it is possible that the following sites could also be included in the itinerary (on request and time permitting – an extension of the tour duration may be required):

  • Visit the Charlottenburg Palace
  • Visit the Kadewe Department Store in West Berlin for shopping
  • Time in the city for shopping and souvenirs
  • Visit the Jewish Museum
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Twelve hour Sachsenhausen private tour excursion package (includes around six hours travel time from the port and back)
  • Accompaniment of one of our expert local guides for six hour tour of Sachsenhausen & Berlin (English language)
  • Dedicated driver and transportation (premium quality German vehicle) including fuel costs & parking fees
  • Collection from port arrivals (driver will personally direct you to your vehicle)
  • Drop-off at port terminal at end of your trip
  • Mandatory entrance donation to Sachsenhausen Memorial
  • Includes time for lunch break & separate coffee/snack break (not included in price)
  • Includes time for photo breaks
  • Price includes VAT (19%)
  • Price includes Booking Fee
  • Price includes Mandatory German Tour Insurance
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • This tour does not include food/drink (unless requested)
  • Guide/driver gratuities
We guarantee high quality German vehicles and driversSuch as Mercedes Benz Viano vans and S-Class saloons

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Save time with your own personal transportation and driverExperience Germany's legendary Autobahn in safety and comfort

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In the event you need to cancel your booking with us, we ask for at least two weeks hours notice. Tours booked within two weeks of the tour date are not eligible for cancellation.

We will refund the total amount (minus any transaction fees) if we receive an email cancellation request at least two weeks before the tour/s. Cancellations made less than two weeks before the tour date are not eligible for refunds.

In order to guarantee the best guides and transportation for our tours, we have a two-week cancellation deadline that means that guides who are scheduled for tours are compensated for their time (often allocated to mean that they are not able to accept other work on the days we book them). We offer our commitment to our transportation suppliers in the same manner. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances (for instance the ship being unable to dock), depending on the result of an insurance evaluation by our provider.

On the journey from the port to Berlin, your driver will take a short break to allow for a toilet visit and to grab a coffee/snack. When in Berlin, all our shore excursion tours account for about one hour for a lunch break (not included in the tour price) at a restaurant of your choice.

We recommend that you bring some Euros in change for the toilet break on the way from the port (toilets in Germany are usually serviced with turnstiles and cost 50 cents or 1€). When in Berlin it will be possible to visit an ATM to withdraw cash. Restaurants in Germany usually prefer cash payment although more and more have started to offer credit/debit card payment with VISA/Mastercard – American Express is strangely still no widely accepted. Foreign currency, such as dollars or pounds, will not be accepted by vendors in Germany.

We never recommend risking taking transportation to the city from the port, unless you are familiar with the country and the language already. This can be hazardous as the trip involves changing trains/hiring a car and the risk associated with these services. We believe that our tours are fairly priced and believe the experience is vastly improved with the luxury of a knowledgeable and professional driver and dedicated transport. However, should you prefer to book a tour in Berlin and arrive yourselves, we would be more than happy to accommodate – feel free to contact us via email (

Berlin is a relatively flat city and the streets are easy to navigate. Despite being the German capital, Berlin is also not nearly as busy as other cities of a similar calibre. All this means that touring can be relatively stress-free. We strive to make Berlin accessible to everyone, all we ask you to bring is a healthy curiosity. If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask.

We always try to make sure our guests stay hydrated on tours, whether that’s making room for coffee or tea, but a bottle of water is always a worthy travel companion. We suggest consulting the weather report a few days before your tour – that can mean ski gloves or sun lotion depending on the time of year.

We cater for guests of all ages and can tailor all our tours accordingly.

Our guides and drivers will always work hard for you and tipping is a great way of them receiving immediate feedback. Gratuities are completely discretionary but always gratefully received.