The Berlin Wall Ride: Exclusive Bike Tour (Two Days)

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Our Berlin Wall Ride tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cycle the entire route of the most famous piece of concrete in history. This two-day private adventure requires a scheduled overnight stay in beautiful Potsdam.

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  • Tour Length Two Days
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Until 1989, West Berlin stood as an island of capitalism inside the socialist state of East Germany. Surrounded by 160km of ‘Death Strip’ – an inhospitable forbidden zone designed to stop East Germans fleeing West featuring barbed wire fence, anti-vehicle traps, guard towers, guard dogs – and bizarrely, thousands of metropolitan rabbits.

With the Fall of the Wall, much of this area was enthusiastically destroyed – few pieces of the Berlin Wall remain in the city. Fearful that the lessons of the Wall would vanish with its physical form, the Berlin government eventually agreed to establish a bicycle route along the entire 160km historic path of the Berlin Wall – known in German as the Mauerweg.

What was once deadly to humans, has now come to be emblematic of the modern values the city of Berlin strives to embrace – dutiful respect for history, preservation of the environment, and support for alternative means of transportation.

Our two-day Berlin Wall Ride is a unique way of celebrating how the Hammer & Sickle became the Hammer & Chisel – while enjoying the relaxing beauty that the outskirts of Berlin and the agricultural state of Brandenburg surrounding the city has to offer.

Pedalling the entire stretch of the Berlin Wall in the company of one of our expert guides ensures not only will you have the confidence and direction to complete the route but that you get the chance to experience the route for what it is – one of the most historically important stretches of cycle path on the planet. Cruise through Checkpoint Charlie, visit the Bridge of Spies, the first border crossing to open in 1989, the longest graffiti gallery in the world, and much more. All with the rolling commentary from one of our expert team of riders.

Thanks to a partnership with Steel Vintage bikes in central Berlin, we only provide the highest quality Holdsworth Gravel & Road Bikes (depending on your preference) for our rides, guaranteeing an experience that you will remember forever.

The tour is designed for a two-person group, bike hire is included in the price. If you have a larger ground and require more bikes, you can add them at the checkout before booking the tour (up to five people). If your group is larger than five people, please send an email to to discuss our large group prices.

(All of our private tours are custom tailored to our clients’ needs and wishes and can include Berlin sights decided in advance or spontaneously organised on the day of the tour. If you have any specific requests for your tour, regarding sights and content, do not hesitate to ask – you can email us at

What you can expect to experience on this tour:

Example Itinerary:

Recommended for experienced riders, our tour covers around 90 km of distance riding on the first day and another 70 km on the second day. With Berlin resting on a low lying plateau, the ride is largely free of hilly terrain. Starting at the Brandenburg Gate, previously inaccessible during the Cold War period as it sat in the ‘Death Strip’ of the Berlin Wall, the tour continues north along the path of the Mauerweg – a clockwise route around former West Berlin. Travelling through the current German government quarter you’ll snake past the site of Ronald Reagan’s 1987 ‘Tear Down This Wall’ speech, past the Reichstag building and German Chancellor’s office before crossing the river Spree to head towards the central Hauptbahnhof train station.

The tour then reaches the site of the first Berlin Wall fatality caused by East German bullets – as Gunter Litfin tried to escape East Berlin and was confronted by armed transportation police (a guard tower now commemorates this death) – and the Bernauer Strasse Berlin Wall Documentation Centre. To the site of the famous Conrad Schumann escape in 1961 and Mauerpark (home to one of the city’s most famous flea markets). The first border crossing to open in 1989, the Bösebrucke (sometimes known as Bornholmer Strasse) is the next stop, as the tour continues through the district of Pankow to the Barnim plateau and the sandy land of the state of Brandenburg that surrounds Berlin. Through quaint villages, open fields and lush meadows, the tour snakes westward into the beautiful Spandau Forest before dipping south to end the day by crossing the Wannsee lake by ferry from Alt-Kladow. There are plenty of opportunities to stop during the summer months to swim or picnic break by the water, as the first day route passes along the banks of the Nieder-Neuendorffer See and the Havel.  Not only does the tour pass near the Tegel Airport, built by French occupation forces in 1948, but also the former British airstrip at Gatow. The first day of the tour will then finish in Berlin’s neighbouring city of Potsdam – once the royal retreat for Prussian Kings and German Emperor.

After a relaxing evening and night in a hotel of your choice (not included in the tour price) our guide will collect you to continue the second day of riding early in the morning. Returning through the district of Wannsee, the tour continues to the former military crossing at Checkpoint Bravo in Dreilinden/Drewitz and out to the affluent district of Zehlendorf. While continuing to skirt the border between Berlin and the state of Brandenburg, you will head towards the Schoenefeld Airport before following a rewarding stretch of open asphalt along the Teltow Canal towards the heart of Berlin. Reaching the famous Oberbaumbrucke border crossing between the districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, the legendary East Side Gallery (the longest open air gallery in the world), the tour then finishes by crossing Checkpoint Charlie and returning to Berlin’s most famous landmark – the Brandenburg Gate. As the distance covered on the second day is shorter than the first day, this allows ample time to slow the pace or integrate more extended pauses – for lunch, snacks, or learning more about the historic sites along the way.

The route is mainly asphalt surface with a segregated bicycle route, which means little sharing of the ride with road traffic and pedestrians. Ideal bike riding conditions, with the rare patch of traditional Brandenburg sand and gravel and some grassier sections. There are a number of suitable spots for fueling up along the route, depending on the day of the week/time of the year. Classic German bakeries, beer gardens and restaurants. Alternatively, we can arrange for all sorts of supplies (protein bars, gels and snacks) for more determined riders looking to hit the route harder.

We are always open to establishing an itinerary that suits your experience, expectations and riding style. Our two day Berlin Wall Ride offers the unique chance to see the entire historic route of the Berlin Wall – while still accomodating for sightseeing and breaks. For less experienced riders daunted by the idea of covering the full 160km route – you can check out our One Day Tour – Ride The Wall – that covers around 30km of the Northern section.

What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Two day Berlin Wall bike tour accompanied by one of our expert local guides (English language)
  • Steel Bike (road/gravel depending on preference) hire for two people
  • Ferry ride across the Wannsee including bike transfer
  • Includes time for lunch (not included in the price)
  • Includes time for coffee/snack break (not included in price)
  • Includes time for photo breaks
  • Price includes VAT (19%)
  • Price includes Booking Fee
  • Price includes Mandatory German Tour Insurance
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • This tour does not include private transportation
  • This tour does not include accommodation costs (to be arranged separately)
  • This tour does not include entrance fees
  • This tour does not include food/drink (unless requested)
  • Guide gratuity
Thanks to our partnership with Steel Vintage BikesWe only provide the highest quality Holdsworth Gravel & Road Bikes

We recommend booking this tour during the summer seasonAlthough we can arrange special clothing and supplies for off-season