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Third Reich: Hitler’s Berlin – Private Tour With Car/Van

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Discover the darkest chapter of Berlin’s history – its time as the nerve centre of the Nazi state, and the city Hitler intended to become the capital of the world: Germania.

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  • Tour Length Four Hours
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There is an undeniable mythology surrounding the Third Reich; National Socialism grips the public imagination the world over. So, too, does it retain its hold on the collective memory of today’s Berliners. And how could it not?

The Second World War irrevocably changed the face of the city; a city which is tied up with Hitler’s plans for world domination like no other.

This tour invites you to discover the history of the Third Reich beyond the obvious mythology and witness the destruction left following the defeat of Hitler’s ‘thousand year empire’.

We will consider the political and architectural ramifications of National Socialism, find out about the courageous Berliners who stood up to totalitarian rule, and honour the memory of those who perished as a result of Nazi persecution.

(All of our private tours are custom tailored to our clients needs and wishes and can include Berlin sights decided in advance or spontaneously organised on the day of the tour. If you have any specific requests for your tour, regarding sights and content, do not hesitate to ask – you can email us at

What you can expect to experience on this tour:

Example Itinerary:

Within the four hours of this private Third Reich tour you will discover the traces of Hitler’s capital city that remain scattered across Berlin, spanning the former Nazi government quarter and shrapnel damaged buildings of the central Mitte district – with the potential to explore as far to the edges of the Grunewald forest and the main deportation station hidden within it.

Following the trajectory the National Socialist movement took into the heart of Berlin, from the Reichstag building – site of the 1933 fire that would serve as the pretext for Hitler’s seizure of power – the tour continues through the Brandenburg Gate – the site chosen for the earlier symbolic celebrations following Hitler’s appointment as German Chancellor – to the nearby Wilhelmstrasse. Formerly home to the Prussian government ministries, this street would serve as the artery of Nazi dominance – home to Hitler’s Reich Chancellory and the Führerbunker where he would spend the last months of his life, the Nazi Airforce Ministry (that remains today as a prime example of so-called Herrschaftsarchitektur) and the SS-Gestapo Headquarters (now the Topography of Terror Museum).

Continuing to Potsdamerplatz (the one-time bustling hub of the Golden Twenties) via the diplomatic train station and deportation point of the now ruined Anhalter Bahnhof, the tour would head west, passing the series of memorials for the Victims of National Socialism clustered in the central Tiergarten park – the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Memorial to the Roma & Sinti, the Memorial to the Persecuted Homosexuals. These are only a short distance from the current government quarter & Soviet War Memorial for the soliders that fell taking control of the area during the Battle of Berlin.

The Japanese & Italian embassies (both prominent and impressive due to their alliance with Nazi Germany during World War Two) are to be found in the diplomatic area of the Tiergarten, close to the Bendlerblock/German Resistance Museum and the T4 Memorial for the Euthanasia Victims of National Socialism.

Time permitting, the tour can also extend into West Berlin – along the Kufurstendamm shopping street (the site of the 1931 and 1938 anti-Jewish riots) – and to the bombed out Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church before continuing along the Bismarckstrasse boulevard to see some of Nazi architect Albert Speer’s contributions to Berlin – concluding with a visit to the Olympic Stadium and/or the Grunewald deportation station.

On request this tour can also be extended to include the former Jewish Quarter of Berlin.

Special Tour Inclusions:

As this tour includes private transportation, it is possible that the following sites could also be included in the itinerary (on request and time permitting – extention of the tour duration may be required):

  • Entrance to the Bendlerblock/German Resistance Museum
  • Entrance to the Topography of Terror/SS-Gestapo Museum
  • Entrance to the Jewish Museum
  • Entrance to the Olympic Stadium
  • Visit to the former Tempelhof Airport/Site of Columbia Concentration Camp
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Four hour Third Reich private tour accompanied by one of our expert local guides (English language)
  • Dedicated driver and transportation (premium quality German vehicle) including fuel costs
  • Collection from hotel/accommodation or tour start from central landmark (such as TV Tower/Brandenburg Gate)
  • Hotel/accommodation drop-off at end of tour
  • Includes time for coffee/snack break (not included in price)
  • Includes time for photo breaks
  • Price includes VAT (19%)
  • Price includes Booking Fee
  • Price includes Mandatory German Tour Insurance
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • This tour does not include entrance fees
  • This tour does not include food/drink (unless requested)
  • Guide/driver gratuities
Our private tours can start anywhere in the cityCollection from your hotel/accommodation or central landmark

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They certainly are; although Berlin winters can be cold and we certainly recommend wrapping up. And don’t forget the sun lotion in the summer!

Berlin is a relatively flat city and the streets are easy to navigate. Despite being the German capital, Berlin is also not nearly as busy as other cities of a similar calibre. All this means that touring can be relatively stress-free. We strive to make Berlin accessible to everyone, all we ask you to bring is a healthy curiosity. If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask.

Of course this depends on the time of the year – a hat and gloves in the winter, sunglasses in the summer. Please do check the weather before your trip, summers in Berlin can be rather hot (suntan lotion is a must) and the winters can be cold (don’t forget a coat). We always try to make sure our guests stay hydrated on tours, whether that’s coffee or tea, but a bottle of water is always a worthy travel companion.

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