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World-famous private guided tours of Berlin and unique travel experiences tailored to help you make the most of your time in our extraordinary city!

For individuals, families, groups, schools, and companies

Private tours of Berlin starting from 70€ per hour

As featured on the BBC, Condé Nast Traveller, Jüdische Allgemeine, Neues Deutschland…and much more

Some of the professional clients that have experienced my private tours

Matt Robinson - Berlin Experiences Profile

“In over a decade of working as a professional guide, I have introduced thousands of visitors to Berlin; from independent travellers, groups, companies and schools – to Holocaust survivors rediscovering the streets they once called home and the relatives of Nazi perpetrators seeking answers to the crimes within their families.

Originally from England, I moved to Berlin to work as a journalist before becoming a private tour guide in 2006. Specialising in Berlin’s turbulent 20th century history, I have spent years working at the former East German secret police headquarters as a historical consultant and am also a licensed guide at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. 

Since 2014, I have served on the board of the Berlin Guides Association as Treasurer, Vice President and now President.”
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Matt Robinson

Berlin Experiences - owner and guide

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Tour Testimonials

“Matt is British and loquacious, and a rich repository of German history… he is a born storyteller.“
Berlin Private Guide - Testimonial - Janine di Giovanni | Berlin Experiences
Janine di Giovanni (Conflict Reporter & Author)
Paris, France
“Matt’s tours are more like an Anthony Bourdain conversation. Think of him as your concierge in Berlin, with a PhD.”
Berlin Private Guide - Testimonial - Dan Shea | Berlin Experiences
Dan Shea (Publisher & Journalist)
New Orleans, USA
“Matt never disappoints with his ability to clearly and passionately tackle subjects of great historical importance.“
Berlin Private Guide - Testimonial - Beatrice de Beaufort | Berlin Experiences
Beatrice de Beaufort (Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle)
London, UK
“Matt can create a compelling window into the past that seems as vibrant and as real as if it were happening right in front of you.“
James Hoare (Editor – All About History)
London, UK
YOUR FIRST DAY - private tours of berlin

Experience the city. Understand the history.

Get started with an in-depth Berlin Highlights tour

Finding your feet in a foreign city can be as daunting as it is thrilling. With each junction the option between something authentic and undiscovered, and, well, a wrong turn. I’m here to share my expert knowledge of Berlin with you; the sights, the stories, and the security of knowing there’s no reason to fear you’re missing out on something better.

Including: the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Wall and much, much more…

Berlin Private Guide - Our Services - Transportation | Berlin Experiences

Want to start your tour at Tegel/Schönefeld airport?

Hit the ground running with a Berlin Airport Transfer Tour – combining an Airport Transfer with any private tour of Berlin!


Dig deeper. Experience more. Go further.

Whether you’re looking for an introductory sightseeing tour, expert historical tour exploring Berlin’s tumultuous Third Reich or Cold War era history, a once in a lifetime opportunity to conquer the entire Berlin Wall by bike, day trips to the parks and palaces of beautiful Potsdam, or the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial, I always endeavour to provide the best personal and professional assistance possible – to make your Berlin experience exceptional.


Let me take care of your trip – so you’ve got more time and energy to enjoy all that Berlin has to offer.

My Services

Berlin Private Guide - Our Services - Walking Tours | Berlin Experiences

Stroll Through The City

Berlin is a great city to explore on foot - relatively flat and with many of the major historic sights within walking distance!

Berlin Private Guide - Our Services - Accomodation | Berlin Experiences

Start Anywhere You Want

My tours can start anywhere in the city - with collection from your hotel/accommodation or at a centrally located landmark!

Berlin Private Guide - Our Services - Transportation | Berlin Experiences

Professional Private Transportation

For my private transportation tours, I only provide premium quality German vehicles (Volkswagen & Mercedes Benz) and professional drivers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about my private guided tours of Berlin

Ok, so why should I take a private tour in Berlin?

Taking a guided tour of Berlin is rightly considered a must when visiting the city. In the right company, you will find yourself experiencing things that will define your visit entirely – and leave you heading home with souvenirs, both material and intellectual, worth treasuring forever. Scratch the surface in Berlin and you’ll find that what is immediately visible to all is just the start of the adventure. If you’re looking to dig deeper, see more and learn more, enlisting the services of a professional private guide in Berlin will go a long way towards satisfying your curiosity. 

Now I'm confused, which tour should I book?

A Berlin Highlights tour is always the perfect starting point for first time visitors to the city looking to get better acquainted with the reality on the ground; Berlin’s turbulent history, its electrifying present, and the landmarks, memorials, and institutions that combine to make the city what it is. If you’ve got a special interest in exploring further, I also offer tailored private tours focusing on specific themes – whether you’re looking to explore the former Nazi government quarter on a Third Reich Berlin tour; visit the former East German secret police headquarters as part of a Cold War Berlin tour, or examine the city’s once vibrant Jewish history with a Jewish Heritage tour.

Are all the suggested sights listed in your tours covered on every tour?

The itinerary sights listed on our tour pages are a general guide to what may be covered when booking those particular tours. I appreciate that every guest is different and approaches the city with different expectations and interests – and tailor my tours accordingly. If you find something in particular that interests you then please do refer to this when contacting me so I can arrange your day accordingly. I am also happy to tailor any private tour to combine sights (such as a Third Reich/Jewish Heritage day or Cold War/Berlin Highlights for example) and arrange two/three/four day and more itineraries.

Who are the guides that lead your tours?

I endeavour to lead all the tours I offer, but depending on availability may already be booked with other clients. In which case, I have a team of the best professional guides in Berlin, all with years of experience and dedication to their work, that I work with. All are members of the Berlin Guides Association, an organisation known throughout the city for its pride in guiding excellence. To learn more about these guides, have a look at some interviews with my associated guides: Jim McDonough, Asaf Leshem, Heather Ellis, William Mollers, and Sam Bavin.

Do you recommend private transportation for the tours?

My private transportation tours are all conducted with fully air-conditioned premium cars/vans (usually high end Mercedez Benz or Volkswagen). I believe this to be the best way to make the most of your time in Berlin while covering as much of the city and your itinerary as possible. All my Warnemünde-Berlin Shore Excursions are with similar private transportation – making any trip from the ship to shore and back more practical, enjoyable, and stress free than a big public tour. I also offer private tours of Berlin designed for guests who prefer to walk, where use of public transportation may also be necessary, depending on the sites included in the tour. Public transportation costs are not usually included in my walking tours, but in the event that you need tickets I am more than happy to arrange the particulars.

How do I make a booking with Berlin Experiences?

First, have a look through the collection of tours on the site and see what you are interested in. Using the Contact Form at the bottom of all pages, you can get in touch (I aim to reply to all requests within 24 hours) for a quote based on the type of tour you are interested in (whether an introductory Berlin Highlights tour, or one of our more focused Third Reich/Cold War/Jewish Heritage or Potsdam/Sachsenhausen tours). If you are interested in booking further experiences beyond what I suggest initially on the website, feel free to contact me either via the Contact Form or at and I will happily tailor a personal private tour experience for you/your group.

What are the prices of your tours?

My prices vary based on tour particulars such as duration, group size, guide, transportation options and season. As I only offer exclusively private tours (with no other tourists accompanying your group) I do charge more than public tour group prices. My private walking tour rates start from 70€ per hour – with a three hour minimum booking. Private transportation tours I offer from 135€ per hour (Mercedes Benz Vito/Viano or Volkswagen Caravelle vans). I also have further options for luxury clients (Mercedes Benz S-class saloons) and large groups (Mercedes Sprinter Vans and larger buses). For more information get in touch via the Berlin Experiences email at or the contact box at the bottom of this page.

What is your cancellation policy?

As referenced in the Terms & Conditions page, I do not offer refunds on bookings made closer than one month of the Tour, Itinerary or Excursion date. Bookings cancelled up to one month before the Tour, Itinerary, Excursion date will be refunded, minus a 25% administration fee. 

Cancellations can be made via email to

Matt Robinson Berlin Tour Guide

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